Beagle Puppy Training Tips



The Beagle breed comes from a long tradition of hunting and retrieving dogs. They are incredibly energetic and need enough space to go around and at the same time a lot of activities so as not to make them bored. If you have a Beagle puppy, you must be prepared to take on more responsibilities than just feeding and walking the dog. You must have lots of time to go out and work out with him, and you may want to reconsider your decision if you live in a small apartment or condominium.
Here are some of the most important things to consider when training a Beagle puppy:  

1. The regulations of the house. The beagle puppy must be taught where to sleep as well as where to eat and drink. Feed him solely from his dish and keep treats off the table to teach him that he will have to wait for his next meal. His bed should be large enough to accommodate a medium-sized dog, although a puppy can alternatively sleep in a crate.

2. Rules for potty training. When the Beagle puppy skips a few days of training, be patient with him and reward him if he goes in your designated area. A tiny cardboard box or a specific liner might be used. As he gets older, teach him to do his business outside while you're walking him.  

3. Discipline instruction. For Beagles, a small apartment can be an issue since they may become exhausted and bored. Scratching, digging, and mayhem may be used by a bored Beagle puppy. In a firm voice, correct the negative behavior. Never hit or smack your puppy. Take the puppy for walks on a regular basis to keep him from becoming bored. He'll quickly learn that certain times of day are reserved for Beagle puppy training and outside walks. If you have a big yard, you can let him go about and do anything he likes, but never leave him alone. The puppy may become bored if there is less stimulation, and he may dig or go away.  
If you have a large yard for the puppy to play in, encircle it with an impenetrable concrete fence so the beagle can't dig his way out.

4. Suggestions Learning new tricks is an important part of Beagle puppy training. To encourage good behavior, prepare a large number of snacks. One new trick at a time should be taught to the puppy. Make him master the trick before moving on to the next. When training your dog to execute tricks, maintain good eye contact. Every breed takes patience and consistency. You might wish to use a clicker for Beagle puppy training because it works quickly and is simple to use.  
Throughout the years, owners have found the Beagle pup breed to be a sociable and well-loved companion. If you are a social person with a lot of energy, you will quickly discover that this breed is ideal for you.    

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