Old tyme bulldog All about old tyme bulldog.


old tyme bulldog All about old tyme bulldog.

The Old Tyme Bulldog was created in the British Isles in an attempt to reproduce a bull-baiting dog breed from the sixteenth century. The snouts of this medium-sized dog are significantly longer than those of an English Bulldog. Grooming is simple thanks to its short, close-lying coat. Although it has a rough exterior, it has a pleasant and eager-to-please disposition. To keep a healthy body, this sluggish breed needs roughly 30 to 40 minutes of activity per day.

Are you thinking about getting an Old Tyme Bulldog? Here's a quick rundown of this tough-looking but lovable dog breed's history.


Steve Barnett launched the Old Tyme Bulldog breeding program in the British Isles in the late 1980s in an attempt to develop a variety of bulldog breeds based on old bulldog breeds. It has an athletic frame, graceful appearance, and a pure bulldog temperament, similar to the bulldog breeds of the early 16th century. These ancient bulldogs were developed for Tudor monarchs and queens, and they took part in the barbaric sport of bull-baiting (where it got its name bulldog). During bull-baiting, the bulldog flattens itself to the ground as it approaches the bull, attempting to bite the bull's nose or head.

The early uses of the Old Tyme Bulldog were not limited to athletics. It also participates in a city-wide clean-up operation. It was bred to herd and corner dangerous wild bulls away from the public eye. The Kennel Club does not recognize it as a breed because it is so new. Despite this, it has grown in popularity in the United Kingdom.

Appearance and Grooming:

The Old Tyme Bulldog is a medium-sized dog with well-proportioned shoulders and hindquarters. It possesses strong undershot jaws for efficient biting, a short back, a shortened head, somewhat longer snouts than the English Bulldog, and straight well-boned forelegs that are positioned far apart. It has a large, deep chest with sprung ribs. Brindle, black, pied variants, blue, and slate grey are all acceptable coat colors. This dog breed is proud, bold, and brave, with an athletic build that exudes grace and power.

This bulldog adores baths and grooming (save for nail clipping). Because it is a short coat with smooth and lustrous coats, it requires less care. It merely needs weekly brushing and wiping with a chamois cloth to keep its coats looking great. The coats of an Old Tyme Bulldog are one of the most important indicators of its health. Check for bare areas, scabs, and other signs of skin disorders. Check for cysts or infections between the toes, wrinkles, and tail. If you see anything out of the ordinary, make an appointment with a certified veterinarian immediately away.

Although not everyone can afford to take their dog to a professional grooming center, it is critical to understand the fundamentals of grooming an Old Tyme Bulldog in order to avoid health issues. 

Temperament and Intelligence:

The Old Tyme Bulldog may appear harsh, powerful, muscular, and large-boned, yet this dog breed is actually gentle and ready to please. This strong-looking dog breed can survive in almost any climate. It is affectionate and frequently devoted to its master because to its adaptive character, which allows it to readily adjust to any lifestyle. It gets along with everyone, especially kids. It is friendly, but it is also extremely loyal to its owners and determined to protect them. The Old Tyme Bulldog is a great companion dog since it is always looking for human attention. This breed gets along well with other dogs but not cats.

The Old Tyme Bulldog is a smart dog, despite not being a quick learner. It is critical to begin training as soon as possible. Because of its stubborn character and desire to do things at its own pace, it takes a long time and requires a lot of patience. This trait, however, should not be confused with being wilful. Short training sessions and positive reinforcement, like high-value treats, are essential for successful teaching an Old Tyme Bulldog.

Health and Exercise:

The Old Tyme Bulldog is a generally healthy dog breed that can live up to 12 years, but it is predisposed to some medical issues like any other dog breed. Hip and Elbow Dysplasias, Patellar Luxation, Hyperuricosuria, Sleep Apnea, Cherry Eye, Interdigital Cysts, and Pulmonic Stenosis are all common symptoms.

Although the Old Tyme Bulldog is not a particularly active dog, it nevertheless requires appropriate exercise on a daily basis to keep healthy. It requires 30 to 40 minutes of exercise per day, as well as cerebral stimulation. When the weather is cooler, take it for short morning walks. 

Cost of Ownership: 

If you want to care for an Old Tyme Bulldog, you'll have to join a waiting list because they're an uncommon breed in the UK. A well-bred pedigree puppy will set you back at least £500. To keep your dog healthy at any age, you'll need to offer it high-quality dog food and treats, which can cost £30-£40 each month. Dog equipment such as leads, collars, feeding bowls, crates, beds, and toys would also be necessary. The total initial cost of these items is expected to be around £200. 

Furthermore, you should consider purchasing pet insurance to cover veterinary costs in the event that your dog becomes ill or is involved in an accident. A time-limited policy can cost £58 per month, while a lifetime policy might cost up to £155 per month, depending on where you reside and your dog's health and age. Routine veterinary visits, first vaccines, boosters, and neutering or spaying are generally not covered by insurance companies, so you may have to pay an extra £1200 each year for these services. 

The typical monthly cost of caring for an Old Tyme Bulldog ranges from £80 to £150, depending on your pet insurance premium. Other services such as walking and grooming are not included in this pricing. 

Positives and Negatives of the Breed:

All dog breeds have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to pick which breed best fits your lifestyle.

The following are the primary advantages and disadvantages of owning an Old Tyme English Bulldog.

Positives of old tyme bulldog:

  • This breed requires little grooming, and all you have to do to keep them in good shape is give them a weekly brushing and a wipe down.
  • Your Old Tyme Bulldog will prove to be extremely intelligent and, if properly trained, will provide reassurance and dependability.
  • These dogs get along well with children as long as they don't become too enthusiastic.
  • They are extremely dependable and will remain loyal to your family pack, allowing them to become an integral part of the family.

Negatives of old tyme bulldog:

  • You should budget for the expense of this breed because it is often pricey when purchased as a puppy.
  • They have a tendency to drool after being fed or drinking, which can create a mess in the house.
  • This breed is noted for having certain health issues, which will cost you a lot of money at the clinic.
  • Because of the ailments that this breed is known to suffer from, you should expect a hefty insurance cost. 

Q&A of old tyme bulldog:

Do They Get Along With Strangers?

When they see a stranger, Old Tyme Bulldogs are highly devoted and will try to protect their owner. They are, however, conflicted by their craving for attention and will usually submit when a fuss is made.

Are Bulldogs of the Past Aggressive?

Bulldogs from the 1800s are bright, but they can also be stubborn. However, as long as they are properly educated and cared for, you should not anticipate them to be aggressive.

They are calm and have a pleasant personality, so you may rest assured that if you provide them with the necessary training, they will behave well.

Are They Appropriate for Children?

Because they are calm and affectionate, this breed is ideal for families with children. However, no matter how much you trust a dog, you should never leave a child alone with one.

Food and playing should be handled with caution since this is when dogs can lose track of themselves in an attempt to get their hands on whatever your child has.

It's also crucial to keep in mind that dogs can be frightening to young children and babies, so make sure the dog you purchase isn't bigger than everyone in the household.

What is the temperament of an Old Tyme Bulldog?

This breed is calm and fearless in addition to being loyal and trustworthy. They form extremely tight ties with their family and do not enjoy being left alone, suffering from separation anxiety if left alone for an extended period of time. They're cunning and mischievous, but if properly trained, they'll never let you down. 

Can They Be Trusted in the Company of Other Dogs?

Old Tyme dogs get along with other dogs if they've been socialized since they were puppies. This is a necessary aspect of your dog's fundamental training in order for it to develop into a healthy pet. You run the risk of your pet becoming anti-social and difficult if you don't socialize it.

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